Apple iPhone 12 discount: Up to ₹63,000 off if you exchange older iPhone, Android smartphone

 series across the globe and it is the latest and greatest the company has to offer. However, the prices are not very encouraging for new buyers. Apple does provide options where the user can avail much better value for money by exchanging their older phones which includes both iPhones and even some popular Android smartphones.


The new Trade-in option can be selected from the official Apple store. Since Apple is in complete control of the stores, the company can manage to offer much heavier discounts by trading in their older iPhones.

In order to give the buyer a better idea of how much discount they can achieve by selling their older smartphone, Apple has released a list of smartphones with approximate values of devices ranging all the way from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to even iPhone 5s. The trade-in values range from 63,000 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max to 3,000 for the iPhone 5s.

Apple is not limiting this trade-in option to iOS-run smartphones. The company is also providing a decent exchange value for Android smartphones from premium smartphone manufacturers which currently includes only Samsung and OnePlus smartphones. The highest trade-in value is offered on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus which is 36,230. The highest discount on OnePlus phones is offered on the OnePlus 7T. The company is offering a value of 19,170 for the Android device.

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