An always-on display so that you can see the time without picking up your phone


The Apple Watch has had an always-on display since the Series 5 model debuted last year, but we have yet to see this feature on the iPhone.

Android phones like the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, and Google Pixel 5 have displays that can show information like the time, date, battery level, and unread notifications even when the display is turned off. That can make it easier to see information at a glance without having to reach for your phone.

In my experience, having an always-on display has made it easier to check the time or see which app a notification came from without falling down the rabbit hole of scrolling through Instagram or my overflowing email inbox.

The iPhone 12 may not have an always-on display, but Apple did improve the iPhone's screen in a couple of other ways, such as by making OLED screens standard across all models and improving their durability with a new ceramic shield coating.

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