A higher refresh rate for smoother scrolling


A number of Android phones such as those from Samsung, Google, and OnePlus also have screens that are capable of reaching a higher refresh rate for smoother scrolling. 

Phones like the Galaxy S20 lineup, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and OnePlus 8 Pro can increase their screens' refresh rates up to 120Hz, compared to the 60Hz refresh rate that's considered average on smartphones. 

The ability to crank up the refresh rate can make navigating the phone's software feel faster, more responsive, and more fluid,  although that can also mean compromising when it comes to resolution.  

This feature isn't available on the iPhone, but Apple does offer it elsewhere: on the iPad Pro. Apple's high-end tablet has a feature called ProMotion, which boosts the screen's refresh rate up to 120Hz, a capability that Apple has touted as being ideal for use with the Apple Pencil. 


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